Bangalore based manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Chemicals, Water Chemicals, Chlorine Compounds, Ferrous Sulphate, Ferrous Sulphate, Textile Bleach, Foods Chemical, Chlorine, Dairy - SHC and Swimming pool Construction

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Water Chlorination
Cyanide Neutralization
Swimming Pool Construction

Our Products

Our Water Chlorination is comprehensively used for cleaning the drinking water, which prevents many water generated diseases such as Typhoid Fever, ...more

Our company is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Cyanide Neutralization Chemicals. Cyanides are toxic to aquatic life, interference with ...more

Vaishnavi Industries manufactures and supplies high quality Texbleach, a chlorine compound. It contains a fixed amount of available chlorine and is ...more

In the food industries, the soil remaining on equipment after use is often contaminated with micro-organism and is a good media in which they can ...more

Vaishnavi Industries is one of the prominent manufacturers and service providers of supreme Concrete Pool, Swimming Pool Supplies, Swimming Pool ...more

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