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In the food industries, the soil remaining on equipment after use is often contaminated with micro-organism and is a good media in which they can multiply. Build-up of a soil as a result of continued inadequate cleaning will aggravate the situation. In food plant operation, wet surfaces provide favorable condition for the growth of micro organisms.

'AQUASOL SHC' manufactured by our company is a chlorine compound, which contains a fixed amount of available chlorine and is in the stable form. It is a pale greenish yellow liquid with chlorinous odour more easily handled and gives the least maintenance problems with pumping and metering equipment if used. There is also no fire hazard connected with the storage of the above chemical.

Scope and Usage of 'AOUASOL - SHC'
It is imperative that suitable sterilized agents are applied at the appropriate time in food industries to have lower bacterial counts in finished products, reduced build up of bacterial slimes and reduced odour.

Application of 'A UASOL -SHC'

AQUASOL SHC' chlorbleach is used in the brewing industries for elimination of tortulae and other forms of wild yeast.
AQUASOL SHC' chlorbleach is used in Flour Mills because the use of chlorine is a necessary part of the treatment of wash water used for the tempering of the wheat prior to milling process.
AQUASOL SHC' chi or bleach is used in the malting industry for controlling the molds yeast and bacteria which find temperature and humidity almost ideal for proliferation.
AQUASOL -SHC' chi or bleach is used for sterilization of Milk Bottles, Beverages Bottles, etc during handling the occasional bottle breakage provides nutrient material for biological growth and hence chlorination with 'AQUASOL.SHC' is necessary.
AQUASOL -SHC' chlorbleach is used in the potato dehydration plants and also in fruit and vegetables canning operation. It has been observed that addition of 'AQUASOL SHC' prevented the slime growth and eliminated objectionable plant odour.
AQUASOL SHC' chlorbleach is widely used in the starch manufacturing industries because
Its primary purpose is to prevent the bacterial degradation of the starch, which results in lower starch yield and a lower quality product.
Chlorine in the form 'AQUASOL-SHC' improves extraction, separation and purification processes to increase the yield and quality of the product.
It improves and maintains the colour of the starch known as reflectance or whiteness.
It limits the number of organisms in the starch so as to meet the bacterial standards.

Effect of Chlorine in the form of 'AQUASOL-SHC' on Starch

It bleaches coloring matter adhering to the starch granules.
It removes impurities in starch which impart a characteristic taste. This is particularly important in the use of remoistening gums.
It decreases the turbidity of the starch solution.
Starches that are chlorinated have greater adhesives, a lower rate of congealing, shorter cooking time higher fluidity and boil more thinly.
Chlorination of starch decreases its gel strength and its rigidity.
Refrigerated farm bulk tanks should not be treated with steam or boiling water because of rise in temperature of the surface in contact with chilled water and the wastage of the ice bank. There would be a risk of buckling or distorting the metal walls and damaging thermostats and thermometers, if steam was used.
Milking equipment is rarely steam sterilized because of the high capital cost of steam-raising equipment and steam chests on a farm.
Silo tanks are not sterilized by steam because of the length of time that would be required for the tank surfaces to reach a sterilizing temperature. These tanks are equipped with spray devices and sterilization agents.
Where smaller storage tanks or transports tankers are similarly equipped chemical sterilization is appropriate.
Plants cleaned in place is beast sterilized in place either by re-circulating water at a suitable temperature or by circulating a chemical sterilization solution. Steam sterilization would require the injection of steam at various points in the circuit and provision for the drainage of condense to ensure adequate penetration of steam.

'AQUASOL-SHC' is used for both production and cleanup operations. For production' AQUASOLSHC' can be added to raw water so that a residual chlorine content of 5-10 PPM could be maintained in water. This water may be used for all production purposes. To achieve a residual chlorine content of 5lO PPM in water add about 200 ml of 'AQUASOL-SHC' to 1000 liters of raw water and allow a contact time of 15 minutes.

This chlorinated water is used for various production purposes. During cleanup operation it is necessary to have a residual chlorine content of 150 ppm in the treated water. To achieve this add about 3-3.5 litters of 'AQUSOL SHC' to 1000 liters of raw water and allow a (contact time of) 15 minutes. This chlorinated water can be used for all cleanup operation (Equipment's, floors, walls utensils etc).

It is a chlorine compound in liquid form used for sterilizing drinking water and widely used by many industries in Bangalore.


It gives an excellent reduction of bacteria load throughout the plant and therefore results in lower counts on the final product.
It eliminates slime formation on all working surfaces that come in contact with water. Also eliminates slippery floors caused by slime growth.
It reduces foul plant odours to a bare minimum.
It insures the use of completely sterile water and utilizes water as a mean of continuous bactericidal agent in the plant at all times.
It readily mixes with water in concentration required for the disinfecting and capable of providing a residual.
It does not impart any color to the water.
It is not toxic to human and animal life.
Easy to handle, transport, apply and control.
Readily available at moderate cost.

Other Services
In our Dairy-SHC range, we also undertake construction, rectification and maintenance of swimming pools, water bodies, water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, etc. We are supported by trained personnel to handle the day to day work and break down work in the plants. Furthermore, we also possess a comprehensive spectrum of chemicals to treat waste water, boiler water, industrial effluent and so on.

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