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Vaishnavi Industries manufactures and supplies high quality Texbleach, a chlorine compound. It contains a fixed amount of available chlorine and is in the stable form. It is a pale greenish yellow liquid with chlorinous odour more easily handled and gives the least maintenance problems with pumping and metering equipment, if used. There is also no fire hazard connected with the storage of the above chemicals.

How to Use Texbleach in Textiles and Laundries:
One part of solution is diluted with 30 to 60 parts of water in a cement tank. This ratio of water can be reduced or increased carefully for quicker or slower bleaching. When once the desired results are obtained the clothes are taken out and washed with fresh water to remove free chlorine. Bleaching is done in cold condition since only impurities are attacked better than the fiber in the cold. It is reported that addition of little acetic acid will accelerate bleaching action of Texbleach.

Stain Remover on Clothes (Laundry):
Stains on rexine covers on sofa-sets and chairs, white clothes of cotton light coloured terry-cotton, cotton underwear, shirt-collar, armpits, socks, banyans cloths etc, which are stained by coffee, tea, betel, tobacco, food items, vegetables, blood etc are removed. Cleaning first with soap water and spray 2 to 3 drops of Texbleach on the spot of the stains and it is allowed to be there for few minutes. Then rewashed with excess ordinary water. Texbleach can be used for white and light colored terry-cotton also. Use hot water for better results.

Merits of Texbleach -Liquid Chlorbleache

Texbleach is one of the oldest and efficient method used by the textile industry
Goods treated with Texbleach needs a less severe alkaline prescour.
A PH of 9.5 to II which is necessary for Texbleach stability is an efficient PH for scouring and bleaching at this PH minimum fiber degradation occurs.
Texbleach usage eliminates the cumbersome and time consuming filtration and settling process as required in case of bleaching powder.
Bleaching of fabrics with bleaching powder has the disadvantage of calcium carbonate deposition on the fabric, which being insoluble in water imparts harsh handle to the fabric. In the case of Texbleach, Sodium Carbonate is formed. It is soluble in water and completely removed from the fabric by mere washing. Hence, better finish or the bleaching of fabric is achieved.
Bleaching of the fabric with Texbleach at one to two grams per liter available chlorine and at even temperature takes only one to one and half hours. In the case of bleaching powder about six hours is required. Hence, you save both time and labour.
It is found that fabrics pretreated with Texbleach appears to be more easily bleached by alkaline peroxide than those not pretreated.
Bleach users have found that the pink color obtained when fibers or elastic material have an aniline content can be overcome by a Texbleach followed by small quantity of peroxide treatment.
Bleaching action of a solution of Texbleach can be controlled more easily than that of a solution of bleaching powder.
Texbleach contains additives specially suited for textile bleaching.

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